“Behaviors matter; Yesterday, Today,
and Tomorrow Matter“ -RM

Code of Conduct

Our Mission: We Cultivate Minds and Build Human Potential

Instructions for 19pledge.org Members:

1. Welcome to 19pledges.org a best practice tool where we “Cultivate Minds and Build Human Potential.” We help you understand that “Behaviors Matter; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Matter.” Sign in and become a 19pledges.org member; Now! As a registered member you can creatively build your Membership Profile page while filling out the appropriate 19pledges Youth In Charge (YIC) or Adult In Charge (AIC) electronic pledge forms. 19pledges.org registered members will truly enjoy enhancing their life with this behavior modification tool. Each member will experience a comprehensive solution-based intervention strategy that helps you take charge of your life and become more successful.

2. Please do not rush through your 19pledges.org membership pledges! We encourage members to scrimmage with your responses to 19pledge’s; you can revisit your pledges at any time, and feel free to edit responses to questions in an effort to strengthen your personal growth and development.

When trying to implement 19pledges.org to a large number of people it’s important that you identify a professional facilitator, teacher, leadership trainer, mentor, coach, or parental figure to guide members through each pledge in order to achieve the best results.

3. Each Registered Member is encouraged to answer their pledge questions using the “SWOT Analysis” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) business tool. The “SWOT” Analysis” originated in the early 1950’s at Harvard University with a group of students originally known as “SOFT Analysis” and the F stood for Faults but was later changed in the 1960’s to represent W for Weaknesses according to The History of SWOT article published by Kyra Sheahan, eHow.com Contributor. As a result 19pledges.org is truly about the business of helping people take charge of their life and live up to their potential.

4. Image Association: Members are required to upload positive images and/or professional photos; upload videos or power point slide-shows on your membership profile page! Pictures should reflect and depict your personal growth and development, achievements and accomplishments along with acknowledgments such as graduation and award ceremonies etc. Download your material on to your membership profile in the appropriate space.

5. 19pledges.org Registered Members can login to 19pledges.org and edit your pledges and membership profile content at any time. You can send friend request, make announcements about events and programs, share content, and correspond with fellow members. You can even allow your friends, interview panels and potential employers to view your site etc.; the possibilities are endless.

6. Code of Conduct: 19pledges.org is a Pro-Social Social Media Site that promotes good behavior by all registered members, we encourage members to have a positive image and we discourage negativity. You cannot engage in any form of violence or place any negative images on to this site. You are prohibited from displaying any negative videos or footage on this site. You are not allowed to place inappropriate content or language on to this site. There will be no tolerance for bullying on this site or any acts of cyber bulling behaviors or related negative materials exhibited on this site.

Failure to comply with local, state or federal laws can interrupt your privileges with 19pledges.org and you could face criminal charges if found guilty or evidence is linked to your involvement with any illegal or criminal behavior on this site. Please understand that you are acknowledging agreement with our code of conduct policy and procedures when you become a registered member of this site.