“Behaviors matter; Yesterday, Today,
and Tomorrow Matter“ -RM

About the Founder

“Overcoming Hostile or
Environments is the
Secret to Success for
those who Understand
and Practice True
Leadership” –
Roosevelt Muhammad

About Roosevelt Muhammad
Roosevelt Muhammad is an educator, author, businessman, experiential-based expert consultant, life skills coach and speaker who delivers challenging, motivational and inspirational presentations, workshops and seminars on: Leadership Development, Pro Social Behavior and Cultural Competence throughout the country and globally to corporations, professional associations, community groups, high schools, colleges, and universities.

Business Career
Muhammad’s mission is to Cultivate Minds and Build Human Potential for youths and adults. You can now experience the Founder and Creator Roosevelt Muhammad’s new Pro-Social Behavior Social Media Site and learning management system/process entitled: 19pledges.org. This new, fun, and exciting electronic social media site is A Behavior Modification Tool for Youth and Adults. The site emphasizes to the world at large that “Behaviors Matter; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Matter.” We therefore, invite you to explore the site, become a member of 19pledges.org and then invite your friends to become members.

Life Skills Coach
Muhammad is a Life Skills Coach who speaks and trains on Solution Based Strategies; Diversity; Self-Renewal; Self-esteem; Pro Social Behavior; Responsible Fatherhood Trainings; Self-Development; Human Rights; Black History; Prejudice Reduction; Sex Education; Organizational Behavior; Raising the Bar on Performance; Leadership Development; Wellness and Fitness.

Muhammad trains and counsels individual clients and speaks to various age groups at colleges, universities, institutions, and schools nationally. He trains Federal Government agencies (EEOC, Affirmative Action, and Civil Rights Professional Groups). He consults and trains corporate arenas businesses and County Government Health and Human Services Departments, Law Enforcement and Security Services (VIP, Asset Protection, DGS and The ENOTA Project) utilizing Scientific Research, Evidenced Based and Best Practices as the core deliverable for his clients in need.

Muhammad is a National and International Speaker who has delivered a Keynote address to the Country of Jamaica, Minister of Tourism, Mr. Edmund Bartlett for his five million dollar Annual Educational Fundraiser in 2009, along with the National Association of Real Estate Brokers Conference and the Youth Conference 2009 on behalf of Founder and Chairman Winston D. Johnson of Winsonic Digital Media Systems Network.

Muhammad was also Keynote speaker on Leadership Development addressing Community Leaders and Stakeholders Conference in Toronto, Canada in 2005. He’s received numerous leadership awards over his career and is affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina as a National Resource Person referenced in the 1992-93,1993-94, and1995 -96 Leadership Education: A Source Book.

Muhammad is the author of the book “True Leadership for Teams and Organizations who Desire Success” subtitle: Our Youth + Our Change = Our Future, published in 2009 via Authorhouse Publishing and also the Author of two newly released Activity Books self-published that jump start a Global Leadership Campaign Initiative entitled: “Youth In Charge” (YIC) and “Adult In Charge” (AIC). Both of these two Activity Books facilitate A Comprehensive Solution-Based Intervention Strategy and Approach that helps individuals take charge of their life and are Now Available.

Muhammad possesses a Master of Art degree in Higher Education Administration (Student Development and Counselling) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Art Degree in Journalism and Media Studies, Supporting Studies in Sociology from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. He worked nearly two decades on staff as Assistant Dean of Students at Oswego State University and two plus years on staff at Alfred University. While at Oswego State, he, along with a team of colleagues, initiated and implemented a business minor, concentration in leadership studies. In addition, as Adjunct Professor, he taught for nearly a decade, a business course (460 Seminar in Leadership) three credit upper division from 1993-2003 at Oswego State University School of Business.

“What the scholars are saying”

Working in the field of education for the past 18 years, I have witnessed first-hand the mental, spiritual, and emotional shift of the minds of youth and adults. In this critical time of our existence, the hope that illuminated in our hearts and minds is fading fast. The mentality that working hard and developing persistence are attributes youth and adults must develop, have now become fleeting attributes. This is where TIME-ER has stepped in to change the futures of youth and adults.

TIME- ER is systematically reversing the urban myth of “Crabs -in- a- Bucket” The myth states that some communities are so toxic and individualistic that when one crab (person) tries to escape the bucket, other crabs pull that crab back down. Through the implementation of 19pledges.org, TIME-ER is systematically altering the mentality of youth and adults by creating a culture of self-development with the ultimate goal of community development. Through these activities, participants will escape the proverbial bucket, with the oneness to reach back and pull the others out.

Congratulations to TIME-ER and Roosevelt Muhammad for tackling this noble task of saving the next generation.

Patrick S. Muhammad

PSM Enterprises

One of my favorite quotes is a quote by George Orwell; “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” In my over 15 years of designing , developing and implementing public health and social impact programming at various levels, now more than ever before this idea of “universal deceit” has become a reality. Our youth languish as the family and community systems they grow and develop in cannibalize themselves. We live in a society that holds youth accountable for the perpetual inadequacies of adult guides and caregivers. Roosevelt Muhammad and the TIME-ER Team have consistently demonstrated that excellence should be the standard that we all ascribe to reach, particularly when our work impacts the lives of our youth and adults. Kudos to Roosevelt Muhammad and the TIME-ER Team for their commitment to educating and empowering both youth and the adults that shapes their lives. This 19pledges.org site is yet another tool in our arsenal in the war to win back our youth, our families and our communities.

Jevon C. Gibson, MA

CEO/Founder Center for Adolescent Male Development (CAMD)