“Behaviors matter; Yesterday, Today,
and Tomorrow Matter“ -RM

About 19pledges

We encourage you too: Self Evaluate. Self-Analyze. Enhance Your Character!

Upon considering the condition of our communities, we have come to the obvious conclusion that we co-habit in extremely dangerous times. Traditionally, in times of trouble, the members of the community would assemble to build and strategize on how to overcome complex socio-economic issues and concerns. Research states that: Socioeconomics is an area that governs the understandings and the activities of individuals that shape them as economically active. The socio-economic issues are the factors that have negative influence on the individuals’ economic activity. Such issues are lack of education, cultural and religious discrimination, overpopulation, unemployment and corruption according to Socio-Economic Issues Article published by ehow.com.

People in society are faced with multiple challenges and decisions that can easily make or break them. Humans are being told what to do and when to do it by a number of outside forces. As a result the human family is being consumed and overwhelmed by negative behavior and many a time do not have the capacity or skill base to prevent individual harm and injury to self. This behavior modification tool, 19pledges.org encourages our youth and adults to take charge of their life. 19pledges.org is designed to facilitate a comprehensive solution-based intervention strategy and approach for individuals in an effort to help them take charge of their lives while having fun. This new social media and network experience will ultimately help an individual, group or organization move forward in life positively.

In conclusion, 19pledges.org is well aware that many of our citizens within the community we live are deficient of the necessary skills to productively address the complex issues/concerns of today. Therefore, we pledge to do our part in helping to service humanity with this helpful tool. This experience requires that each participant carefully Examine, Reflect, and Analyze who they are as a person (S.W.O.T. Analysis). We encourage individuals to be proactive, practice good habits, and uphold the commitments and pledges you make. You are encouraged to apply and practice positive behaviors so that you experience healthy growth and development as an individual. Please join our “Global Leadership Campaign;” and help us EMPOWER the world into making a Pledge to become a “Youth and Adult In Charge” of their lives.